For couple or friends

Do you want to live an original experience? Contact Sonia to realize and book your unique wellness experience with your partner or friend.

You will share a customized and fun program which will include the following:

  • Breathing and concentration techniques.
  • Guided relaxation techniques by connecting with the partner.
  • Body techniques based on couple exercises coming from Yôga, Pilates, postural and AntiGravity® Aerial Fitness.

Practicing in couples, will help you enhance your strength, flexibility and mobility, through mutual help and connection of your energies.

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Personal & group trainer

Contact Sonia to book your personal or group wellness experience.
If you come alone for a personal experience, you will enjoy the benefits of a personalized program created by Sonia especially for you, practicing together and focusing on your needs. You will learn to fly with the AntiGravity® hammocks, have deep control and be aware of your body and your emotions through Yôga. In addition to correcting your posture through Pilates and postural re-education and much more.

If you come with your friends, you will be able to schedule your customized retreat or wellness holiday with Sonia, according to yours needs, making the most of the time you spend together and most of all, having fun!

You can take a look in the section “Scheduled Retreats” to see how it is structured and plan your very own.

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