About Yôga

Every modern Fitness exercise based on the body and mind’s wellness philosophy stems from Yôga.

It was born 5000 years ago in Indo Valleys, it’s not a religion but a lifestyle philosophy only achievable through physical techniques such as strength, stretch, balance, mobility and breath, combined with mind concentration techniques.

This practice takes people to a complete awareness state for a daily work/private life productivity, good posture and optimal health. You can actually re-train your body to move in safer, enhancing the injury recovery process and boosting sports performances.

About Antigravity® Aerial Yôga

Antigravity® Aerial Yôga is about discovering fun, power and emotions by moving freely in every single direction including zero compression inversions. 

It’s a technique that combines: Pilates, Gyro-Tonic, Calisthenics, Aerial dance, Acrobatic and mostly Yôga. 

It’s a low impact physical conditioning suitable for beginners as well as advanced users, using the “Harrison AntiGravity® Hammok”.

Mr. Christopher Harrison is the founder and creator of the entertainment and Fitness brand AntiGravity®. He started as a professional gymnast, became a dancer on Broadway and then moved to choreography.
As an expert Aerial designer, he redesigned the hanging silk, first emerged as a performance apparatus, to create the “silk hammock” which generates a completely new current linked to body movement along their associated vocabularies.

More information on www.antigravityfitness.com

The benefits

Mr Harrison discovered that the AntiGravity® Hammock also had health and Fitness benefits for the general public, not just for athletes, as an exercise device and thus created “AntiGravity® Yôga & Fitness”. It was designed to improve:

Physical Agility

Increases kinesthetic awareness, balance, and agility; also increases joint mobility.

Your health

Provides low impact cardiovascular conditioning, helps decompress the spine through gentle traction and hydrates vertebral discs during the inversion, refreshes circulatory and lymphatic system.


Increases muscular flexibility, releases muscular tension through self-massage techniques, strengthens upper and lower core body muscles.


Releases of “Happy Hormones” including serotonin and endorphins which enhance your mood and make you feel lighter, happier and taller.

Live a unique experience

on the magical island of Ibiza


Live a unique experience on the magical island of Ibiza

that will make you rediscover neglected key parts